Inspiration | 11.08.2017 - Water Town

We just heard about this documentary being made in and about our neighboring town Weed, CA by documentary filmmaker Maya Craig (no relation). The trailer looks awesome! We hope this thing gets a wider release and maybe more funding for a full feature. Check out Maya's work here:

Pushing Boundaries

Do you ever daydream about what it’s like to model?

The idea of being paid to show off some beautiful locale just sounds dreamy, Instagram-y and totally someone else’s job. Especially when you’re a techie type who spends most of her time on a keyboard. Indoors.

Lake Siskiyou Shoot. First time knowing what it's like having a drone following me. It sounds like a swarm of bees.

Lake Siskiyou Shoot. First time knowing what it's like having a drone following me. It sounds like a swarm of bees.

Well, dreams come true my friends. Working at Pusher is like all your favorite things wrapped up in a complete package. Because of our location, creative workplace and inspiring projects, there are opportunities to explore a full spectrum of interests.  

My passion is for making -----FILL IN THE BLANK HERE---- useful. I study how people use things, and make sure their needs are being met in a delightful, engaging, fun way. Because life is finite, and we’re meant to enjoy things. Everything can be viewed as an experience. This mantra led me to study User Experience (UX) and to campaign for human happiness.

So in most worlds, my job title would not be diverse enough to include modeling our local tourist treasures. But thankfully, our town is not most worlds. Since my love of sharing great experiences can now include modeling them for others, it’s a fun addition to my work.

Mostly, I am proud of Pusher’s ability to artfully share a story. Stories are what inspire us to care and motivate us to take action. We’re here to support that story, and I’m glad I can contribute in more ways than just one.


What story do you want to tell? Drop us a line at

Some of this Pusher footage is featured in this video below:

First flight at the Crags

Bryce took the Phantom 4 Pro out to Castle Crags at sunrise, and caught this glimpse of Narnia.

Job Opening: Assistant Producer / Editor (UPDATED)


About Pusher Inc. 

Pusher is a creative design agency specializing in video production and web design. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and collaborators by delivering honest, high-quality results with every project. We feel blessed to be able to live in the mountains and breathe fresh air each and every day while doing our work in a place we love.

Job Opening: Assistant Producer/Editor

Pusher employees enjoy a comfortable and relaxed work environment and the freedom to bring their creative ideas to life on real-world projects. Current and past clients include UCLA, UNICEF Innovation Unit, Meraki (Cicso), Harvard University, Tesla Motors, kaDON, and Study Abroad Italy. If hired, you'll work directly with Pusher's Design Director and have the opportunity to bring all of your creative skills to bare on Pusher's wide variety of projects. In addition to video projects, Pusher often has need for web development and design skills. If this is of interest to you, you'll have opportunities to assist on projects right away.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Edit original digital video pieces to satisfy client demands
  • Create rough and final cuts
  • Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
  • Shoot high quality video
  • Work well in a team of other producers, directors, crew
  • Take projects from a creative brief to completion
  • Help develop and review shooting scripts and shot decision lists
  • Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production
  • Discover and recommend new editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency


  • Proven work experience in video editing, production
  • Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages (e.g. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut)
  • Demonstrable video editing ability with a strong portfolio
  • Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation, continuity, composition, camera movement, etc
  • Creative mind and storytelling skills
  • Attention to detail

Additional skills desired but not required:

  • Familiarity with special effects, 3D and compositing
  • Audio mastering experience
  • Web development experience, particularly hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Bachelor's Degree in related field

If you're interested in working at Pusher, email us explaining why ( Please include a resume and 2-3 references. 

Inspiration | On Ensemble

We've been fortunate enough to work with these guys and are continually inspired by their passion and musicality! Check out this track by our pal Shoji!

Production Stills - kaDON | 2015.04.02

More kaDON filming right here in our hometown! Thanks to the staff of the California Theater for letting us film inside and to Dogwood Diner and Cornerstone Cafe for the catering (actually we just ate there a lot).

Inspiration | 03-24-15

While reading the Marmoset Journal we came across this wonderful micro-doc by Ryan Bouman. Great mix of visuals, music, and emotion. Each frame is considered, vibrant, and in service of the larger story. Amazing work!

Mountains of California

Sent Micah to the mountains for a few weeks and this is what he comes back with! Go figure. Too much talent in one kid!

Music Credit: Chris Zabriskie - Is That You or Are You You

Rain to Snow

Hopped out for a quick shoot around town as rain & snow finally begin to fall. 

Music: 'Ocoeur - Light' by Hecq
(discovered while checking out some of the great work from Forge and Camp4)